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Updates planned for V3:
- Character class system with leveling, XP, and abilities
- New survival game mode
- Hunting and Crafting
- Improved AI and scripted boss fights

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V2 Windows 357 MB
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V2 Linux 295 MB


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YO THIS GAMEE was lowkey bad. Everythimg about it sucked. the reload speed was even worse thatn tne graphics

lol i know, this game is so old, i gotta update this nonsense so that it's actually playable

username checks out btw

This was a really fun game.  The werewolves looked a little bit odd, but pacing was nice and it was a fun little game to play for about an hour.  Hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks for the review!  That's really cool to see people playing my game :D  It's so old though, I'm working on updating it.  When I get a new version out, I'd love it if you played it again and tell me if I improved it!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the video.  I would love to check out an updated version of this game.  Feel free to send me a message at anytime.

What are the system requirements on this game?

Sorry, hella late reply

I was still a really junior dev when I made this game, and the performance bottlenecks quite a bit due to the heavy-handed VFX.  I would suggest:


Windows 7, Intel Core Duo 2.53 Ghz, 4GB RAM, Video Graphics 512MB SDRAM DX10 capable, onboard sound should be fine.  Those are the specs of the computer I built it (and it was out-of-date even back then), so it should be just about the minimum.

Holy shit, this game has really been improved since last I saw it. Good job man.


Thanks dude!  I learn a little more every time I make something!  I finally got off my ass and started making a new version, so hopefully it'll improve again

This is interesting, but one point came up.  One of the points of the game is to find a place where you can do battle with the werewolf on your terms.  Therein lies a problem; once you find an ideal location (high ground, with not much vegetation for the werewolf to use as cover), you have no reason to shift from that location.  You can just camp there, and plink away at the werewolf.

Obviously, this game is still young in its development, but there should be something that would force you to shift from such an ideal location, although I have no idea what that something would be.

That's really good feedback!  I have the same complaint about this game, so I'm playing with a few different mechanics at the moment to get players to move more.

I'm thinking that I'm going to remake it so the player has to destroy the werewolf den, which spits out a new werewolf every few minutes or so.  The werewolves will wander the map until they detect the player, I'm still working out just how stealthy I want the final game to be.

Another idea I have is that the different shrines can grant the player different timed abilities (ie. life detect for 3 min).  This would be good incentive to explore the map besides just looking for the den.

I'm also toying with the idea of including NPC animals in the world that also wander, to include more hunting/crafting/survival aspects to the game, and a survival mode with hunger/thirst/energy meters to keep track of.  Would this be something people would enjoy?

Hey - thanks for responding to my feedback.  I think all of your ideas have merit.  Another thing you could ponder is to add a second type of enemy that would actually find you being perched on high ground with no cover to be to their benefit - maybe some sort of evil human allied with the werewolve(s) who is also armed with a projectile weapon; against someone like that, being on high ground, silhouetted, without any cover, one would be a sitting duck.

Not too bad, quite fun!


Thanks man!  I'm updating soon, so I hope you can get a chance to play a better version!

Looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on it.